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Himalayan Help | Himali Adventures

Part of proceeds from Festival tickets will go to directly to our charity Himalayan Help, providing funds for schools in Nepal in need of books/supplies, lunch, and teacher wages to support a stronger future economy.

The Story

In 2017 we accomplished a 20 year promise to backpack 108 miles to/from Everest Base Camp; 6 months post open-heart surgery, taking our 13 & 15 year old daughters.  Our Nepalese guide, Gokul Thapa (Everest Summit Lead Guide several times over & owner of Real Himalaya) donates some his trek fees to the schools he takes you to, offering humanitarian assistance before you begin your trek.  It was here we learned first hand how much their future economy could change through education, especially without the support of a government welfare system.  Many of these village children do not attend school because they are not fed, or they could make 5 cents a brick with their parents, in their brick making village. (Inset photo was the ribbon-cutting day for this new classroom & tables they didn't have before.) 

Our daughters created the Himalayan Help Club to raise funds, as we created Himali Adventures (HimaliAdventure.com) as a non-profit sister company to Real Himalaya, helping create humanitarian treks in the Himalayan region to fund and promote education in Nepali villages. 

*Contact us (UY&W) for Humanitarian Yoga Trek Retreats in the Everest Region.